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Released by Everest Archive of Folk Music in the 1967
LP FS-210. Notes by Lee Palmer

Re-released on CD in 1999, Tradition TCD 1083 (USA)
This Everest LP is a Jack Elliott album. Although Derroll is not mentioned in the liner notes, he's singing and playing banjo (and harmonica in Danville Girl) in all but two songs. In fact these are songs from the famous Italian (Milan) recording sessions. It came out in the USA in the sixties and this was probably the only chance to hear some of Derroll's early work there for a long time.

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Play Track 1. "More Pretty Girls Than One"  view lyrics»
Play Track 2. "Roll On Buddy"  view lyrics»
Play Track 3. "Death Of John Henry"  view lyrics»
4. "Salty Dog Blues"
Play Track 5. "Talking Blues" view lyrics»
Play Track 6. "I'm Gonna Walk The Street In Glory" view lyrics»
Play Track 7. "Cigarettes & Whiskey" view lyrics»
Play Track 8. "Danville Girl" view lyrics»
Play Track 9. "Worried Man Blues" view lyrics»
10. "San Francisco Bay Blues"
Play Track 11. "Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms" view lyrics»
Play Track 12. "I'm Going Down The Road" view lyrics»