[a tribute to Derroll Adams]

Released on CD in 2002, Blue Grove BG-1420 (A)
For the USA: released on CD in 2002,
Rising Son Records RSR-2102-2

Produced by Hans Theessink and Arlo Guthrie

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1. "Columbus Stockade Blues" Hans, Donovan & Arlo
2. "Portland Town" Arlo
3. "The Cuckoo" Jack
4. "Freight Train Blues" Hans & Arlo
5. "The Mountain" Donovan
6. "The Sky" Allan
7. "The Valley" Hans & Donovan
8. "Curtains of Night " Youra
9. "Dixie Darling" Dolly & Arlo
10. "Muleskinner Blues" Jack & Arlo
11. "24 Hours A Day" Hans
12. "Epistle to Derroll" Donovan
13. "A Feather Fell" Ralph
14. " Banjo Man" Allan
15. "The Rock" Billy
16. "Memories" Happy
17. "Lovesong" Donovan
18. "Willie Moore" Wizz
19. "The Rock" Jack
20. "Goodbye Derroll, Goodbye Friend" Tucker
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