Early sessions

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams

Early Sessions

Released on CD in 1999, Tradition TCD 1083 (USA)

Re-release of Everest Archive Of Folk Music LP FS-210

Notes by Elijah Wald

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Play Track 1. "More Pretty Girls Than One"  view lyrics»
Play Track 2. "Roll On Buddy"  view lyrics»
Play Track 3. "Death Of John Henry"  view lyrics»
4. "Salty Dog Blues"
Play Track 5. "Talking Blues" view lyrics»
Play Track 6. "I'm Gonna Walk The Street In Glory" view lyrics»
Play Track 7. "Cigarettes & Whiskey" view lyrics»
Play Track 8. "Danville Girl" view lyrics»
Play Track 9. "Worried Man Blues" view lyrics»
10. "San Francisco Bay Blues"
Play Track 11. "Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms" view lyrics»
Play Track 12. "I'm Going Down The Road" view lyrics»
The cowboy's best few, November 17, 2003
By Vic "vagabond"
Well here we have, the result of banjoist Derroll Adams and Elliot's various performances the east of Atlantic thru the decade of the 50's. Not that bad I must say, we have "worried man blues" the cult favourite of generations, a not so tight rendition here. And then we have the list following with Dylan's mentor Guthrie's "More Pretty Girls"...and many other folk favourites... I think the album though should have read 'Derroll And Elliot' (no offence to the master!)... for the sheer brilliance of Adams' playing.
2 Thumbs up for this one!