Ferre Grignard

Ferre Grignard

Featuring Derroll Adams on the banjo

Released on LP in 1972,
Motors 920 MT 44011 (F)

Reissued on CD in 1999,
HKM 42999 (B)

Derroll plays the banjo on “Lazy John” and “Be My Guest”


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1. "Fog Trouble" J. Hermans & F. Grignard
2. "I've Gotta Cheat Ya Baby" J. Hermans & F. Grignard
3. "She's Back" J. Hermans & F. Grignard
4. "Cool It Baby" M. Overkom & F. Grignard
Play Track 5. "Lazy John" traditional arranged by F. Grignard
Play Track 6. "Be My Guest Lord" M. Overkom & F. Grignard
7. "The Muze" J. Hermans & F. Grignard
8. "Chully Chully Mr. Fries" J. Hermans & F. Grignard