Folk 78

Various Artists

Folk 78

Released on double LP in 1978,

Intercord INT 155.028 (D)


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1. "LuLu Swing" Häns´che Weiss Quintett
2. "Romanze" Manolo Lohnes
3. "Pegao II" Manolo Lohnes
4. "Fuli Tschai (Haessliches Maedchen)" Schnuckenack Reinhardt
5. "Mrs. Robinson" Martin Kolbe
6. "Spanish Lady" The Dubliners
7. "Eleanor Plunkett" Clannad
8. "St. Patrick´s Day" Eddie & Finbar Furey
9. "The Log Cabin, Bean A´Ti Ar Lar" De Danann
10. "Follow Me Down / The Game Of Love" Jackie Daly & Séamus Creagh
11. "Cumasc Port" Pádraig O Carra & Comhluadar
12. "Bon Claudy" The Furey Family
13. "Dúlamán (Seaweed)" Clannad
14. "Naked Ladies And Electric Ragtime" Michael Chapman
15. "Ploughboy Lads" The Dubliners
Play Track 16. "1814" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
17. "Black Waters" Guy Carawan
18. "Silly Summer Games" Steve Ashley
Play Track 19. "I Ain't Got No Home" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
20. "C´Mon Along" Barry McGuire
21. "City Of The Angels" Wizz Jones
22. "Paradise" Guy Carawan
23. "Gift Of A Brand New Day" Harvey Andrews
24. "Go To Sea No More" Ray Austin