Derroll Adams: Folk Friends 2

Derroll Adams and friends

Folk Friends 2

Released on LP in 1980, Folk Freak 3003/4 (D)

Notes by Carsten Linde

Cover by Gertrude Degenhardt

Reissued on CD in 1992, Wundertüte CD TÜT 72.150 (D)

Re-release 2009, Conträr Musik (D)


1. "Two Hundred Miles Away" Wizz & Andy
2. "The World Turned Upside Down" Dick
3. "Seamen Three" Andy
Play Track 4. "Columbus Georgia" Derroll, Wizz, Danny & Davey view lyrics»
5. "Born To Live With The Blues" Werner & Wizz
6. "The Father's Song" Dick
7. "Yesterday's People" Finbar & Danny
8. "Take The Children And Run" Guy, Danny & Werner
9. "Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay" Andy & Dick
10. "Es ist ein Schnee gefallen" Hannes, Werner & Danny
11. "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" Ramblin' Jack
"The Green Fields Of France/No Man's Land/Es ist an der Zeit" 
Finbar, Alex, Hannes, Werner, Jörg & Lydie
13. "Es lebt eine Gräfin in schwedischenm Land" Hannes
14. "Voices From The Mountains" Candie & Guy
15. "Bloody Sunday" John & Finbar
16. "Siege Of A Nation"  Finbar, Davey, Dick, John, Jörg & Lydie
17. "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" Alex
18. "Lassie Lie Near Me" Dick
19. "Me And Bobby McGee" Ramblin' Jack & Werner
20. "The John MacLean March" Alex, Finbar, Dick & John
21. "Jamie Foyers" Dolores & John
22. "Green Grows The Laurel" Dolores, John & Andy
23. "The Waterford Waltz" Finbar, Dolores, Andy, Dick, Davey & John
24. "Planet Without Plan" Wizz & Danny