Folkfestival Dranouter

Various Artists

Folkfestival '76 Dranouter

Released on LP in 1976,
Parsifal FOL 2000/181 (B)


1. "Pen O Polka" Pete & Cris Coe
2. "Farewell To The Brine" Pete & Cris Coe
Play Track 3. "Ain't Got No Home" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
4. "Koningsdans" De Spelemannen
5. "Skewbald" Martin Carthy
6. "Virginny" Martin Carthy
7. "Light Dragoon" The Watersons
8. "The Traveller" Allan Taylor
9. "Darkness In The Valley" Allan Taylor
10. "Five Feeth Two" Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra
11. "Rock And Roll Pioneer" Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra
12. "Lady Of Pleasure" Allan Taylor
13. "Fiddler John" Allan Taylor
14. "These Hard Times" Pete & Cris Coe
Play Track 15. "Trouble In Mind" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
16. "John Blunt" Martin Carthy
17. "Old Town Of Oxford/William And Nancy" Martin Carthy
18. "Sword Dance" Albion Morris Men