Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams

The Rambling Boys (*)

Released on LP in 1957, Topic 10 T 14 (UK)

Re-released (along with additional songs) in 1963 on LP
"Roll On Buddy" Topic 12 T 105

Re-released on CD in 2002, Vivid VSCD-261 (JP)

Notes by John Hasted

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Play Track 1. "Rich And Rambling Boy"  view lyrics»
2. "Buffalo Skinners" 
Play Track 3. "Wish I Was A Rock" view lyrics»
4. "State Of Arkansas" 
Play Track 5. "Mother's Not Dead" view lyrics»
Play Track 6. "East Virginia Blues" view lyrics»
Play Track 7. "The Old Bachelor" view lyrics»
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Play Track 9. "Roll On Buddy" view lyrics»