Roll On Buddy

Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams

Roll On Buddy

Released on LP in 1964, Topic 12 T 105 (UK)

Reissue of The Rambling Boys album along with additional songs


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Play Track 1. "Rich And Rambling Boy"  view lyrics»
2. "Buffalo Skinners" 
Play Track 3. "I Wish I Was A Rock" view lyrics»
4. "It's Hard Ain't It Hard" 
5. "All Around The Water Tank"
Play Track 6. "Mother's Not Dead" view lyrics»
Play Track 7. "East Virginia Blues" view lyrics»
Play Track 8. "The Old Bachelor" view lyrics»
Play Track 9. "Danville Girl" view lyrics»
10. "The State Of Arkansas"
Play Track 11. "The Death Of Mr. Garfield" view lyrics»
Play Track 12. "Roll On Buddy" view lyrics»