Black Jack Davey

Black Jack Davey went a riding
Through the woods
Singing songs so gaily.
He sang so loud
He made the wild woods ring
And he charmed the heart of a lady
Charmed the heart of a wife.

The old man came a riding
Home that night
Asking for his lady
The servant spoke before he thought.
"She's gone with the black Jack Davey.
She's gone with the Gypsy boy."

Well, saddle for me my big black horse,
My hundred dollar saddle
Show to me the way they went
And after them I'll travel.
After them I'll ride.

He rode and he rode to the midnight moon
Till he saw a campfire gleaming
He heard the sound of a big guitar,
And the voice of his lady singing
A song of the Gypsy boy.

Will you forsake your house and home?
Will you forsake your baby?
Will you forsake your husband dear,
To go with the black Jack Davey
To go with the Gypsy boy.

Yes I'll forsake my house and home,
And I'll forsake my baby.
And I'll forsake my husband dear,
To sing with the black Jack Davey,
Lie with the black Jack Davey,
Love the black Jack Davey.
Squeeze the black Jack Davey.
I'll lie in the mud and the rain.

Traditional, adapted and arranged by Derroll Adams & Wizz Jones
(as it appears on the album Folk Friends)

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