Danville Girl

My pocketbook was empty
My heart was full of pain
1000 miles away from home
Bumming a railroad train

Standing on a platform
Smoking a big cigar
Waiting for the next freight train
To carry an empty car

Good morning mister railroad man
What time does the train roll by
9:16, 2:44, 25 minutes til 5
9:16, 2:44, 25 minutes til 5
Thank you mister railroad man
Gonna watch your train roll by

I got off at Danville
Got stuck on a Danville Girl
You can bet your life she was out of sight
She wore that Danville curl

Took my hat on the back of her head
Like high-toned people do
But the very next train come down the track
Bid that girl adieu

Pulled my cap down over my eyes
Went a walkin down the track
Got on to some old freight train
Never did go back

Traditional, adapted and arranged by Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams
(as it appears on the album Riding In Folkland)

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