Pretty Polly

I used to be a rambler, hung around in town (2X)
I courted Pretty Polly, whose beauty never been found

Pretty Polly, Pretty Polly come take a walk with me (2X)
Before we get married, some pleasure to see

O Willy, O Willy I’m afraid of your ways (2X)
Your mind is to ramblin’ and leadin’ me astray

Pretty Polly, Pretty Polly, you’re just about right (2X)
I dug on your grave of the thirds of last night

Now she threw her arms around him and then began to weep (2X)
Pretty soon Pretty Polly she went to sleep

Now he stabbed her in her heart and her life blood did flow (2X)
And then down by that river with her body did go

He threw the dirt over her and turned away to go (2X)

Down by that river with his head hanging low

Traditional, adapted and arranged by Derroll Adams
(as it appears on the album Commode 2000 Live!)

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