Stern Old Bachelor (The Old Bachelor)

I am a stern old bachelor
My age is forty four
I do declare I’ll never live
With women anymore(3 x)

I live upon a homestead claim
From women I'm in
I do not have to dress a wife
Or take care of a kid (3 x)

I have a table worth five cents
A stove that's worth fifteen
I cook my grub in oyster cans
And always keep it clean (3 x)

I go to bed whenever I please
And get up just the same
I change my socks three times a year
With no one to complain (3 x)

Oh little old sod shanty
Sod shanty give to me
I am a stern old bachelor
From matrimony free (3 x)

Now when I die and go to heaven
As all good bachelors do
I will not have to fret for fear
My wife won't get there too (3 x)

Traditional, adapted and arranged by Derroll Adams
(as it appears on the album Folkland Songs)

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