Talking Blues (Talking New York)

I got a gal, six feet tall, sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall
Eating hog-eye, spittin’out chitlins, just loves ice cream, specially with gravy.

You got any?

Down in the wildwood sitting on a log, finger on the trigger, eye on the hog
Pulled the trigger and the gun went zip and I caught that hog with all my grip
He got away and I didn’t need him anyhow!
I had an awful lot of fun shootin’ him though!

I don’t have to work so hard, cause I got a gal in the rich folks yard
She’s down there working, I’m up here sleeping
Dreaming about her, her and three other women

I was out in the henhouse, down on my knees, I thought I heard a chicken sneeze
It was nothing but the rooster sayin’ his prayers thanking his Lord for the hens upstairs
Oh My! Such a carryings-on you never did see!

You got any?

Well I went to church the other night, a big fat sister sat at my right
She got religious and grabbed my hand
And tromped on me and another man
Couldn’t hear a damn thing, shoutin’ out loud
My word what a noise!

On the other day I took me a wife and I got a little son, he’s the pride of my life
Rubs mashed potatoes in my hair, slides stringbeans up my nose
and says "You’re my pa, ain’t you?"

Traditional, adapted and arranged by Jack Elliott and Derroll Adams
(as it appears on the album Riding In Folkland)

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