The Sky

There’s a time when the truth is bad
And that’s so very sad I know
When I was a kid like a mother’s sigh
I used to hear the freight trains cry
They kept me on the go you know
Even now I stop to hear
The big freight trucks a-shifting gear
They tell me what I want to know you know

There’s a time when the past is past
Filled with things that never last I know
The freight trains’ lonesome whistles cry
Becomes a song but there’s the sky
Spring always comes again again
That old car it was Christmas time
Filled with kids and they all were crying
They had no place to go I know I know

There’s a time when you face your soul
To find if you are true and whole you know
I remember your face so clear
Sometimes it seems I hear
The softness of your sigh
But remember another time
Autumn’s here and summer’s dying
You asked me not to go

There’s a time when you face the sky
To find if you are here and why you know
The freight trains far away cry
Or on the ground when the dew’s not dry
And you hear a rooster crow
Just like a morning star
That you see so far
Through the clear sky the sky

© Words and music: Derroll Adams
(as it appears on the album Feelin' Fine)

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