Acoustic Garden

Various Artists

Acoustic Garden

Released on LP in 1973,

Transantlantic TRA 89511/12 (F)

Notes by Hervé Muller


1. "To Each And Everyone" Gerry Rafferty
2. "Belfast Town" Mick Moloney
3. "Two Step Candyman" Gary Davis
4. "Wayward Child" Bert Jansch
5. "Sir Gavin Grimbold" Gryphon
6. "You Ought To Know" Paul Brady
7. "Off To Dublin In The Green" The Dubliners
8. "All In A Dream" Steve Tilston
9. "Quiet Days" John James/Pete Berryman
10. "King Dog" Bob Pegg & Nick Strutt
11. "Mary Skeffington" Gerry Rafferty
12. "Streets Of London" The Johnstons
13. "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" Pentangle
14. "Buffalo Skinners" John Renbourn
15. "Roll And Tumble Blues" Stefan Grossman
16. "Dance Of The Season" Dave Cartwright
Play Track 17. "Darling Cory" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
18. "Lord Of The Dance" Ian Campbell
19. "Please Sing A Song For Us" Humblebums
20. "Clancy's Song" Carolanne Pegg
21. "River Of Jordan" Stefan Grossman
22. "Rolling On Down" John James
23. "Lady Portia" Dave Evans
24. "Lyke Wake Dirge" Young Tradition