Ghosts From The Basement

Various Artists

Ghosts From The Basement

Released in 2010,
Weekend Beatnik/Rogue Productions WEBE 9046

A compilation celebrating the 40th anniversary of the cult, collectable UK 'alternative folk label' Village Thing Records, including rare and previously unreleased gems.

Notes Ian Anderson


1. "See How The Time Is Flying" Wizz Jones
Play Track 2. "The Sky" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
3. "Get Out Of My Car" Al Jones
4. "Grey Lady Morning" Dave Evans
5. "Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide" The Sun Also Rises
6. "Time Is Ripe" Ian A. Anderson
7. "Her Hair Was Long" Chris Thompson
8. "I Really Wanted You" Steve Tilston
9. "Good To Cry" Lackey & Sweeney
10. "Another Normal Day" Tucker Zimmerman
11. "We Say We're Sorry"  Hunt & Turner
12. "Memory Book" Dave Mudge
13. "Mistaken Identity" Dave Peabody
Play Track 14. "Love Song" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
15. "When I Leave Berlin" Wizz Jones
16. "London Blues" Chris Thompson
17. "She Sits Wondering Why" Steve Tilston
18. "Marie Celeste On Down" Ian A. Anderson
19. "The Road To Marazion" Al Jones
20. "On The Run" Dave Evans