Derroll Adams - A Sequel

Bonus Footage

In 1999, when Derroll Adams was no longer able to take part in the shooting of the documentary we were dedicating to him, I decided to solicit his old friends and traveling companions.
There followed a beautiful series of interviews of those who had in heart to testify and to sho their deep esteem towards the “Banjoman with the Tattooed Fingers”.
Unfortunately the imperatives of production and distibution made it impossible to use all this materiel, thus depriving us of the presence of several speakers who had warmly accepted to participate. In order to do them justice and to answer many requests I received, several unreleased episodes will be gradually added here as a sequel to the film “DERROLL ADAMS - I WAS BORN IN PORTLAND TOWN”, broadcasted in 2005.

Patrick Ferryn, July 2022.

Episode #1

A wink from Ramblin’ Jack Elliott to his old buddy Derroll Adams...

Filmed at the Sundance Film Festival, 2000

The Old “Oregon Mine” Park City, Utah

January 22th, 2000

Image: Michel Baudour

Sound: Richard Verthé

Editing: Sophie Devaert

Filmmaking: Patrick Ferryn