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Colour to the Moon/Behind the Mix

Colour To The Moon / Behind The Mix

Allan Taylor

Released in 2000, Stockfisch Records SFR 333.9001.2-1/2 (D)
On Behind The Mix, the second CD, Allan tells stories about Derroll: “Thinking of Derroll Adams”, “Take me with you, Ally…”, Allan Taylor says goodbye to Derroll.
Allan and Derroll talk and play together. BBC Radio Scotland. “Travelling Folk” (1994): Trouble In Mind; Let It Come, Let It Go; Portland Town – Memories by Derroll from the recording “Songs of the Banjoman” (1984).
ULTRA Rare. Only 333 of this Collector’s Set exists worldwide.
Colour To The Moon
1. "Kerouac’s Dream" 
2. "A House By The River"
3. "A Road Too Long" 
4. "Back Again" 
5. "Notes From Paris 
6. "Wheel Of Fortune" 
7. "Brighton Beach" 
8. "Colour To The Moon" 
9. "Creole Girl" 
10. "Whatever The Way" 
11. "Middle Time" 
12. "We Stood As One" 
13. "Crazy Amsterdam" 
14. "Scotty" 
Behind The Mix
1. "Nadine" 
2. "The Tennesssee Waltz" 
3. "Save The Last Dance For Me"  
Play Track 4. "Story: Thinking Of Derroll Adams" 
5. "Banjo Man"
6. "Story: Thinking Of Alex Campbell" 
7. "When I Paint My Masterpiece" Alex Campbell
8. "A Wagoner’s Land" Alex & Patsy Campbell
Play Track 9. "Story: Take Me With You, Ally ..."
Play Track 10. "Allan Taylor And Derroll Adams"
Play Track 11. "Trouble In Mind" Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams view lyrics»
Play Track 12. "Let It Come, Let It Go" Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams
Play Track 13. "The Story Of Portland Town"
Play Track 14. "Portland Town" Allan Taylor & Derroll Adams view lyrics»
Play Track 15. "Story: Allan Taylor Says Goodbye To Derroll"
Play Track 16. "Memories" Derroll Adams view lyrics»