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1er Festival de Folk Song (*)

C’est la fête à Lambesc !

Various Artists

Released on LP in 1970, Expression Spontanée (F)
Notes by Jacques Vassal
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Play Track 1. Derroll Adams  "Columbus Georgia" view lyrics»
2. Los Argentinos 
3. Carlos Benn-Pott
4. Alex Campbell
5. Le Free Sitar
6. Christian Gour'han et Ben
7. Gribouille
8. Martine Habib
9. Roger Mason
10.  Catherine Perrier
11.  Max Peteau et "Le Pop"
12.  Jimmy Raimon
13.  Mary Rhoads
14.  Alan Stivell
15.  Le Wandering
16.  Pat Woods
17.  John Wright and many others