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C'est la fête à Malataverne

Various Artists

Released on LP in 1971, Expression Spontanée (F)

This is a very special disc, edited by Pierre Toussaint and International Folk Song during the second folk festival organized in Malataverne, Drôme: 40 minutes of music recorded on 40 hours and virtually no name on the cover.
Play Track 1. Derroll Adams "I'm a Rich and a Rambling Boy" view lyrics»
2. Carlos Benn-Pott 
3. François Bérenger
4. Alexis Korner
5. Roger Mason
6. Mormoz
7. Judith Reyes
8. Mick Sofley
9. Théresa
10.  Peter Thorup
11.  Le Wandering
12.  Steve Waring
13.  Pat Woods
14.  Zosso and many others