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Ramblin' Jack

Ramblin' Jack

Jack Elliott

Released in 1995, Topic Records (UK)



Notes by Wizz Jones



1. "Talking Columbia Blues" 
2. "Pretty Boy Floyd" 
3. "Ludlow Massacre" 
4. "Talking Miner Blues" 
5. "Hard Travelling" 
6. "So Long, It's Been Good To Know You" 
7. "Talking Dustbowl Blues" 
8. "1913 Massacre"
9. "Rambling Blues"
10. "Talking Sailor Blues"
11. "San Francisco Bay Blues"
12. "Ol' Riley"
13. "The Boll Weevil"
14. "New York Town"
15. "Mule Skinner's Blues"
16. "East Texas Talking Blues"
17. "Dink's Song"
18. "It's Hard, Ain't It Hard"
19. "All Around The Water Tank"
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22. "Danville Girl"
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