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Songs For Peace (*)

Various Artists

Released on LP in 1983,
Folk Freak FF 4010 (D), Rounder 4015 (USA)
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1. "Your Daughters And Your Sons" Dick Gaughan
2. "The Nuclear Game" Guy & Candie Carawan
3. "The World's Police" Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey
4. "The Ballad Of Penny Evans" Iain MacKintosh
5. "The Long Road To Perfection" Colum Sands (The Sands Family)
Play Track 6. "Portland Town" Derroll Adams view lyrics»
7. "Quite Early Morning" Pete Seeger
8. "Stick Into The Gear" Dave Lippman
9. "No Man's Land" Eric Gogle
10. "War Without Bangs" Roy Bailey
11. "Come Live With Me" Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
12. "The Victors" Colin Wilkie
13. "Soldier Of Fortune" Don Lange
14. "Peace Will Come" Tom Paxton