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Riding In Folkland

Riding In Folkland

Jack Elliot (sic) & Derrol (sic) Adams

Released on LP in 1966, Joker SM 3024 (I)
Recorded June - September 1957 in Milan, Italy

Re-released on double CD in 1996 along with Folkland Songs, Selection Of America, Gold Sound DCD-768
Cover by Currier and Ives (*) more details at the bottom of the page
Currier and Ives – “The Rocky Mountains/Emigrants Crossing the Plains” – 1866. Lithograph. Museum of the City of New York

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6. "San Francisco Bay Blues"
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8. "Hard Traveling"
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10. "Freight Train"
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(*) Currier and Ives was a successful American printmaking firm headed by Nathaniel Currier (1813–1888) and James Merritt Ives (1824–1895). Based in New York City from 1834–1907, the prolific firm produced prints from paintings by fine artists as black and white lithographs that were hand colored. Lithographic prints could be reproduced quickly and purchased inexpensively, and the firm called itself "the Grand Central Depot for Cheap and Popular Prints" and advertised its lithographs as "colored engravings for the people. More details